A Guide to Angling on Lakes Within the United Kingdom

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What You Need to Know

Get a License

In the UK, all forms of lake fishing require a relevant license. The Environment Agency employ enforcement officers to check that anyone fishing in the UK has the correct permit. These can be purchased online or from most post offices. They are valid for seven days or for one year. Some angling associations control various lakes, so anglers will need to become members of that association before they can fish on their lakes.

Types of Lake Fishing

The methods used range from legering to float fishing. The choice of the angling method is usually dictated by the species of fish that inhabit the lake. Take time to do some research so that the best approach can be ascertained for each particular venue. Look out for the results of fishing matches held on the lake of choice. These reports will often advise what fish were previously caught and what method was used. Some species such as <a href="">bream</a> require a bottom-feeding approach such as legering but trout are surface feeders. They are usually fished for by using flies and lures.

Species of Fish in the UK

Fish that can be widely found in UK waters are roach, perch, pike, bream, carp, and trout. It is illegal in the UK to take fish for personal consumption other than trout. There are lakes devoted solely to trout fishing. There is usually a daily limit to the amount of fish taken on each visit. To find out what species are in any lake, have a walk around, talk to the bailiff, and other anglers.
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