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Taska Air Dry Bag (Divided)Taska Air Dry Bag (Divided) With two different sizes on offer, we have catered for both the short and long ... [more]£11.95
Taska Big Eyed SwivelsTaska Big Eyed SwivelsPerfect swivel for constructing run resistant rigs as well as attaching to marker float ... [more]£2.85
Taska Braid & Hard Baiting NeedleTaska Braid & Hard Baiting Needle     ... [more]£2.45
Taska Break Down PVA BagsTaska Break Down PVA Bags Highest quality grade Melting time average 10 to 15 sec Extremely ... [more]£2.85
Taska Flat Hook SharpenerTaska Flat Hook Sharpener The Taska Diamond Flat Hook File has been designed to enable you to sharpen your ... [more]£6.99
Taska Hanger Line Clip/ Ball Chain Taska Hanger Line Clip/ Ball Chain • Rotating Head for Perfect Alignment • Line Friendly Clip ... [more]£14.95
Taska Heavy Duty Lip Close NeedleTaska Heavy Duty Lip Close Needle This high quality Heavy Duty Stainless Needle can also be used for tying up loops for ... [more]£2.45
Taska Kwick Change Flying Back Leads  4grmTaska Kwick Change Flying Back Leads 4grmThe first Tungsten Flying Back Lead from Taska has landed. With a size to weight ratio ... [more]£5.25
Taska Line Aligners 6-2 Short ShankTaska Line Aligners 6-2 Short Shank The Taska Line Aligner Sleeve will add a new dimension to your fishing. Manufactured ... [more]£4.25
Taska Range SticksTaska Range Sticks The Taska Range Sticks have been purposely designed to be used in a variety of ... [more]£12.99
Taska SinkersTaska Sinkers The Tungsten sinkers are very heavy, easy to use but highly effective at pinning your ... [more]£2.45
Taska Swivel Chod Beads Taska Swivel Chod Beads Sinking a chod rig has just become simple, no more moulding putty around swivels and ... [more]£4.35
Taska Xtenda Hair StopsTaska Xtenda Hair Stops Effortlessly penetrates most bait types Curved profile Unique arrow ... [more]£1.85