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Frenzee  FD100 Pole Float 0.25gFrenzee FD100 Pole Float 0.25gThese ‘dome topped’ dibber floats are superb for all baits. They are ... [more]£1.85
Frenzee  FD200 Pole Float 0.2GFrenzee FD200 Pole Float 0.2GPerfect for fishing ultra shallow, this inline shouldered dibber has been made with the ... [more]£1.85
Frenzee  FP 500 Pole Float 0.3GFrenzee FP 500 Pole Float 0.3GThese self-cocking, slim bodied fishing floats are good for all-round fishing proving ... [more]£1.85
Frenzee  Frenzee Eeze Glyde Frenzee Frenzee Eeze Glyde The all New EEZE GLYDE from Frenzee has been Precision manufactured form 100% Pure ... [more]£7.99
Frenzee  Keepnet Black 3MFrenzee Keepnet Black 3M This super sleek looking keep net really does set the benchmark high! With added ... [more]£49.99
Frenzee  Net RestFrenzee Net Rest Feeder arms quite often get in the way and more and more people are using keepnets ... [more]£9.99
Frenzee  Paste PotsFrenzee Paste Pots After the gargantuan success of the Soft Pot Frenzee have now ticked yet another box ... [more]£3.99
Frenzee  Pole PotsFrenzee Pole Pots The newest, safest pole pots available! The new Frenzee Soft Pots come in 3 ... [more]£4.49