Matrix Matrix

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Matrix  Barrel Super SwivelMatrix Barrel Super Swivel The 3 Barrel Super Swivel does an excellent job reducing line twist when feeder ... [more]£1.80
Matrix  Series 1 Pole FloatMatrix Series 1 Pole Float The Matrix Series 1 Pole Float is a great all round big bait float. The dumpy diamond ... [more]£1.89
Matrix 2 Pole Winder Trays and WindersMatrix 2 Pole Winder Trays and Winders • Adjustable rig anchor tensioner • Soft rubber inlays at each ... [more]£15.99
Matrix 3M Carp NetMatrix 3M Carp Net • Strong fish-friendly ‘carp’ mesh • Heavy ... [more]£34.99
Matrix 6mm Rubber Mesh Landing NetMatrix 6mm Rubber Mesh Landing NetThe new Matrix landing nets have been manufactured to withstand the demands of modern ... [more]£12.99
Matrix In line Hooped Method FeederMatrix In line Hooped Method Feeder The new Matrix Evolution Method feeders have been designed to meet the latest needs ... [more]£1.99
Matrix Matrix Super BoxMatrix Matrix Super Box The Matrix Superbox 1 is available as a complete unit or as individual components ... [more]£479.00
Matrix Method Feeder MouldMatrix Method Feeder Mould The Method Feeder mould can be used in conjunction with all Matrix method feeders. ... [more]£1.99
Matrix Pole SockMatrix Pole Sock Standard screw thread For all poles Branded material Easy ... [more]£6.99
Matrix Rubber Quick BeadMatrix Rubber Quick Bead The Rubber shock bead incorporates a quick change facility for easy hooklength ... [more]£1.99
Matrix Series 7 Pole FloatMatrix Series 7 Pole Float The Series 7 is a great all round float when fishing in shallow waters. ... [more]£1.89
Matrix Snag Free Protector Bar 1 HeadMatrix Snag Free Protector Bar 1 Head Matrix Snag-Free box accessories are designed to fit on 25mm round legs found on ... [more]£9.99
Matrix Space BrollyMatrix Space Brolly • Unique fibreglass STS rib system. Much stronger and more stable than metal ... [more]£79.99
Matrix Super Flat Pole RollerMatrix Super Flat Pole Roller Available in Standard and Large sizes Cam locking on tension bars of ... [more]£69.99