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Guru BayonetsGuru Bayonets Twisted metal spike Simple to use Provides a secure attachment ... [more]£1.99
Guru CatapultGuru Catapult Rather than just releasing another standard catty, the Guru team decided to redesign ... [more]£5.99
Guru Drag Line Guru Drag Line Guru Drag line is an extra strong, super abrasion resistant monofilament reel line ... [more]£5.99
Guru Guru Inline LeadsGuru Guru Inline Leads Compatable with x-safe stems, allowing a speedy switch from inline to x-safe system. ... [more]£2.85
Guru Guru Keepnets 2.5m & 3mGuru Guru Keepnets 2.5m & 3m REVEALED: GURU KEEPNETS Guru is pleased to announce the launch of its new range of ... [more]£64.99
Guru Hybrid Feeder Guru Hybrid Feeder New Advanced Feeder Design Quick to load Weight forward design helps ... [more]£2.49
Guru In Line PlummetsGuru In Line Plummets NEW GURU INLINE PLUMMETS REVEALED! Guru are pleased to reveal the latest addition ... [more]£3.75
Guru Incredible PultGuru Incredible Pult Normal 0 false false false ... [more]£9.99
Guru Inline Method FeederGuru Inline Method Feeder Currently Out of Stock   Guru Inline Method Feeder. ... [more]£1.99
Guru Line StopsGuru Line Stops Line Stops   Multi purpose, compact line stop Super Tight ... [more]£1.99
Guru MICRO HAIR STOPSGuru MICRO HAIR STOPS These beautiful little stops have found quite a following already. They’re ... [more]£1.99
Guru MWG Barbless hooksGuru MWG Barbless hooks Guru Hooks are strong all-round pattern that’s suitable for most styles of ... [more]£1.20
Guru N GaugeGuru N GaugeThe Guru N Gauge is japanese prenium quality, extra strong mono which is accuratley rated ... [more]£4.99
Guru Pellet Cones and NeedleGuru Pellet Cones and NeedleThe ultimate way to present a small, compact pile of feed around your hookbait. This ... [more]£2.99
Guru PTFE Coated Super MWG HooksGuru PTFE Coated Super MWG Hooks NEW SUPER MWG HOOKS IN STOCK The MWG (Match Wide Gape) hook pattern has been a ... [more]£1.99
Guru QM1 Barbless HooksGuru QM1 Barbless Hooks  The unique Guru QM1, heavily swept shape and short shank have been precisely ... [more]£2.99
Guru Reaper Front Rod RestGuru Reaper Front Rod Rest Guru Reaper Front Rod Rest   The Guys at Guru have worked ... [more]£11.99
Guru Spare Elastic KitGuru Spare Elastic Kit For use with Guru catapult. 2 x 10" elastics with all pegs. Special ... [more]£1.99
Guru Speed BeadsGuru Speed Beads This ingenious little bead has been designed solely to help you put more fish in ... [more]£2.49
Guru SPEED MESH PVA REFILLGuru SPEED MESH PVA REFILL These 5m refills are supplied on compact spools so that they don’t take up ... [more]£5.99
Guru SPEED MESH PVA SYSTEMGuru SPEED MESH PVA SYSTEM This super-fast melting PVA system is ready to use straight from the packet. The PVA ... [more]£9.99
Guru SPEEDMESH NEEDLEGuru SPEEDMESH NEEDLEThe Guru Speedmesh needle is a gate and latch type, which is perfect ... [more]£2.50
Guru SUPER FINE BAITING NEEDLEGuru SUPER FINE BAITING NEEDLE Our Super-Fine Baiting needles have been designed to cause the absolute minimum damage ... [more]£2.50