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Nisa Feeders Clip on WeightsNisa Feeders Clip on Weights These are available in a Header Carded Bag of 4 leads in 2 weights. 5g, ... [more]£1.99
Nisa Feeders Connectadjusts ConnectorsNisa Feeders Connectadjusts ConnectorsSMALL - 2~12 Elastics LARGE - 14~Hollow Elastics No more chopping or adding bits of ... [more]£4.20
Nisa Feeders Dacron ConnectorsNisa Feeders Dacron Connectors Dacron Connectors Available in Large A simple and neat way to ... [more]£1.99
Nisa Feeders Feeder Ring LinksNisa Feeders Feeder Ring Links Feeder Ring Links A tough but flexible Nitrile ring incorporating a ... [more]£1.00
Nisa Feeders Hook'em HairsNisa Feeders Hook'em Hairs Nisa Hook Em Hairs An easy way to present a Hair-rigged bait without tying ... [more]£1.99
Nisa Feeders Sliding TopstopsNisa Feeders Sliding Topstops Tiny silicone Beads that grip the line tightly enough to stop your feeder running up, ... [more]£1.55
Nisa Feeders Swivel BeadsNisa Feeders Swivel Beads Swivel Beads These incorporate a Beaded end and can be used as a running ... [more]£1.30