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Sensas Aromix Blood worm FlavouringSensas Aromix Blood worm Flavouring Sensas Aromix  Liquid Aromix is designed to give your ... [more]£3.99
Sensas Carp / Half StylsSensas Carp / Half Styls Styls Carp/Half Styl weights have been used for decades by some of the ... [more]£4.95
Sensas Drift Beater Pro Match 133 Waggler 5grmSensas Drift Beater Pro Match 133 Waggler 5grm A unique design perfect for getting your line under the surface to prevent ... [more]£2.75
Sensas Easy Loop TyerSensas Easy Loop Tyer Easy Loop Tyer Ties perfect loops every time Two sizes per pack ... [more]£5.80
Sensas Feeling Competition LineSensas Feeling Competition Line Feeling Competition Line The best Hook length material on the market ... [more]£3.99
Sensas Feeling Competition OlivettesSensas Feeling Competition Olivettes Feeling Competition Olivettes Non Toxic Olivettes Side Marked for easy ... [more]£2.75
Sensas IM5 Liquid AdditiveSensas IM5 Liquid Additive IM5 Liquid Additive IM5 is the latest generation of Crazy Bait feed ... [more]£4.50
Sensas Pole Float Bristle PaintSensas Pole Float Bristle PaintPole Float Bristle Paint The best float paint on the market! Fast-drying ... [more]£4.35
Sensas Pole ShotSensas Pole Shot Sensas Green Pole shot Super soft Easy Slide ... [more]£1.20
Sensas Pro Match 122 Waggler 6GRMSensas Pro Match 122 Waggler 6GRM A Inserted Variable Loaded Waggler. size; 6grm 4+2 ... [more]£2.75
Sensas Styl PliersSensas Styl Pliers Styl Pliers    Specially designed for fixing styl weights ... [more]£4.75
Sensas Styls StandardSensas Styls Standard Styls Standard Styl weights have been used for decades by some of the ... [more]£4.95