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Guru Guru

Guru Guru Inline LeadsGuru Guru Inline Leads Compatable with x-safe stems, allowing a speedy switch from inline to x-safe system. ... [more]£2.85

Zebco Zebco

Zebco Flat LeadsZebco Flat Leads Flat leads ideal for holding baits on the bottom of rivers.  ... [more]£0.70

Anchor Tackle Anchor Tackle

Anchor Tackle BDS System 'O' Rings Anchor Tackle BDS System 'O' Rings Anchor BDS System O Rings Pack of 10 O shaped ... [more]£1.99
Anchor Tackle BDS Bait delivery System Swivel BombAnchor Tackle BDS Bait delivery System Swivel Bomb BDS Bait delivery System Swivel Bomb A revolutionary design, rubber O ring ... [more]£2.75

Korda Korda

Korda  Sinking Rig TubeKorda Sinking Rig Tube The Korda Sinking Rig Tube has been specially designed to help create a safe zone ... [more]£1.99
Korda  Ready Carp Rig BarbedKorda Ready Carp Rig Barbed or instant carping and instant results, you just have to try these Ready-Tied Carp ... [more]£1.99
Korda  IQ Ready Made D Rig BarblessKorda IQ Ready Made D Rig Barbless These new IQ D-Rigs are easily the most talked-about presentation from the latest ... [more]£1.99
Korda  Extenda Stops Large 11.5mmKorda Extenda Stops Large 11.5mm The Hybrid hair stop has been specially designed to hold your hook bait on the hair ... [more]£2.05
Korda  Tungsten Hooklink WeightsKorda Tungsten Hooklink Weights A compact hooklength weight, made from heavy tungsten, designed to slide onto your ... [more]£2.60
Korda  Safezone Lead ClipsKorda Safezone Lead Clips Korda lead clips have been designed to ensure that you decide when the lead ... [more]£2.99
Korda  Tail RubbersKorda Tail Rubbers Tail Rubber have been especially designed to make tangles a thing of the past. The ... [more]£3.10
Korda  Pulla ToolKorda Pulla Tool The Pulla has been specially designed so that the angler can easily pull knots tight ... [more]£3.80
Korda  Kruiser Surface ControllerKorda Kruiser Surface Controller The Kruiser really does excel. Firstly the float will not dive deeply below the ... [more]£3.99
Korda  Barbed Size 6 ChoddyKorda Barbed Size 6 ChoddyA hook designed to be incorporated with the popular chod rig or hinged stiff rig ... [more]£3.99
Korda  Hybrid Lead ClipKorda Hybrid Lead ClipThe Hybrid lead clip design features an integrally moulded Ring Swivel ensuring that ... [more]£4.50
Korda  Intellieant BackleadsKorda Intellieant Backleads ULTRA LOW FRICTION RUN RING - Slides down the line easier than the competition - ... [more]£4.60
Korda  Lead Clip Action PackKorda Lead Clip Action Pack The lead clip action pack has been specially designed to contruct on of the most ... [more]£4.99
Korda  Kruiser Control Floater LineKorda Kruiser Control Floater Line orda Kruiser Control Floater Line is a purpose designed floater fishing line developed ... [more]£4.99
Korda  Kaptor Kurv ShankKorda Kaptor Kurv Shank  We took our critically acclaimed Kurv Shank pattern and coated them with ... [more]£4.99
Korda  Ready Tied Chod Rig Short Korda Ready Tied Chod Rig Short Korda's new ready-tied barbless chod rigs really are perfection in a packet! ... [more]£4.99
Korda  Safe Zone Ring SwivelKorda Safe Zone Ring Swivel Korda safer sone leader are 30lb breaking strain and are 1metre in length. This ... [more]£5.50
Korda  Kable Advanced LeadcoreKorda Kable Advanced Leadcore Kable is easy to splice using Korda needles and that’s the best way to ... [more]£5.99
Korda  Safe Zone Hybrid Lead ClipKorda Safe Zone Hybrid Lead Clip korda safe zone leaders have 30lb breaking strain nd are 1metre in length. This ... [more]£5.99
Korda  Kaptor Kurv Shank BarbedKorda Kaptor Kurv Shank Barbed These hooks represent the biggest breakthrough in hook manufacture… ever. ... [more]£5.99
Korda  Kaptor Kurv Shank BarblessKorda Kaptor Kurv Shank Barbless These hooks represent the biggest breakthrough in hook manufacture… ever. ... [more]£5.99
Korda  MouthTrap Chod FilamentKorda MouthTrap Chod Filament Mouthtrap has been designed to create the ultimate stiff rig in an easy, ... [more]£6.50
Korda  16mm KutterKorda 16mm KutterThe Kutter makes the production of the perfect chopped boilies easy Simply pop up to ... [more]£9.99
Korda  Sky Raider and Drop Zone Marker Float PackKorda Sky Raider and Drop Zone Marker Float Pack Accuracy is imperative in consistently catching carp and as a result, Korda are ... [more]£9.99
Korda  Soft N TRAPKorda Soft N TRAP N Trap is a coated hooklink which is extremely supple and soft, the inner braid is ... [more]£13.99
Korda  Krimp ToolKorda Krimp Tool The Krimps and Krimp tool have been designed to allow easy rig construction with ... [more]£13.99
Korda  Hybrid Stiff Coated Braid Gravel BrownKorda Hybrid Stiff Coated Braid Gravel Brown Hybrid Stiff is best suited to clean bottoms and requires an exposed inner core ... [more]£13.99
Korda  Special Adition Large Krusha Korda Special Adition Large Krusha Designed by Clive Williams this handy device crushes particles, boilies or Pellets in ... [more]£14.99
Korda  Eazi Stick 20MM Throwing Stick Korda Eazi Stick 20MM Throwing Stick Korda Eazi-Stick 20mm Features: Ultra Slim Handle 8 Inch Handle ... [more]£15.50
Korda  Subline / Sub BrownKorda Subline / Sub BrownSUBLINE has been tested for many years in our lab and has out performed all others in ... [more]£19.99


KORUM PVA Rapid Melt Refill KORUM PVA Rapid Melt Refill Korum PVA Rapid Melt Refill -5 metres (Code KPVAR/R). Low residue, rapid fast melt, ... [more]£5.99
KORUM PVA Rapid Melt StandardKORUM PVA Rapid Melt Standard This new quick dissolving addition to the Korum range provides a perfect solution to ... [more]£8.99
KORUM PVA SystemKORUM PVA System The Korum PVA System contains all you need for fast, easy construction of mesh PVA ... [more]£8.99


E.S.P HELICOPTER RIG SLEEVESE.S.P HELICOPTER RIG SLEEVES 10 per pack. Produced in an extra tough, flexible polymer in both weed ... [more]£1.35
E.S.P Streamline Rig SleevesE.S.P Streamline Rig Sleeves Streamliner rig sleeves have a steamlined shape which offers knot protection, ... [more]£1.99
E.S.P Rubber Shock BeadsE.S.P Rubber Shock Beads 25 beads in Camo Brown and Weed Green. 5mm beads are a ... [more]£2.35
E.S.P Streamline Rig BoomsE.S.P Streamline Rig Booms Streamliner Rig Booms are extra long versions of the ESP Streamliner Rig Sleeves. ... [more]£2.45
E.S.P OVAL RINGSE.S.P OVAL RINGS Excellent examples of E-S-P micro engineering: Smooth, rounded surfaces with no sharp ... [more]£2.95
E.S.P Clip link, Mini ClipE.S.P Clip link, Mini Clip ESP Clip Links are extra stong wiht a breaking strain of over 40lb. The turned-in ... [more]£2.99
E.S.P Quick ClipE.S.P Quick Clip ESP Quick Clips are extra strong and have a matt, non glare finish. The ... [more]£2.99
E.S.P Slim ClipE.S.P Slim Clip ESP Slim Clips are best used for attaching hooklinks with a loop at the end. By ... [more]£2.99
E.S.P Super FlossE.S.P Super Floss Pop-ups which have been pierced and threaded onto a hair rig are more likely to ... [more]£3.35
E.S.P Ejector Lead ClipsE.S.P Ejector Lead Clips ESP Ejector Lead Clips can be fixed securely to the swivel by means of the locking ... [more]£3.35
E.S.P Stiff Rig System - MK 2 Stiff RiggerE.S.P Stiff Rig System - MK 2 Stiff Rigger The ESP Mk 2 Stiff Rigger hook has a non-flash Teflon coating to improve ... [more]£3.95
E.S.P UNIVERSAL REFILLE.S.P UNIVERSAL REFILL 20 & 25mm Universal Refill Ultra Fine Thread Strong ... [more]£3.95
E.S.P PVA MESH REFILL 32MME.S.P PVA MESH REFILL 32MM 32mm PVA Mesh Refill – Nominal 6m length. Ultra fine thread ... [more]£3.95
E.S.P ANCHOR RIG TUBEE.S.P ANCHOR RIG TUBEESP Anchor Rig Tube is an exciting new technical development which combines the best ... [more]£3.95
E.S.P Stiff Rig Bristle FilamentE.S.P Stiff Rig Bristle Filament E-S-P Stiff Rig Bristle Filament can easily be tensioned and smoothed out to form an ... [more]£4.25
E.S.P Pop up CorksE.S.P Pop up Corks Produced in natural, unfilled cork with a heavily pitted surface. This helps the ... [more]£4.45
E.S.P Soft Ghost FluorocarbonE.S.P Soft Ghost Fluorocarbon ESP Soft Ghost is a pure fluorocarbon and has the same light refractive index as ... [more]£5.15
E.S.P P.V.A STRINGE.S.P P.V.A STRING 6 ply P.V.A String This special ESP blend of PVA string has an extra ... [more]£5.35
E.S.P Mini MarkerE.S.P Mini Marker Designed to locate precise little features and small hotspots accurately. ... [more]£5.45
E.S.P CHOD RIGSE.S.P CHOD RIGS Ready Made Chod Rigs One of the best methods of presenting pop ups over ... [more]£5.95
E.S.P Tungsten PuttyE.S.P Tungsten Putty ESP Tungsten ... [more]£6.95
E.S.P PVA MESH KIT 20MM & 25MME.S.P PVA MESH KIT 20MM & 25MM 20 & 25mm PVA ... [more]£7.45
E.S.P Leadcore E.S.P Leadcore ESP Leadcore on Bulk 25m spools. These individual shades darken down when wet to ... [more]£14.95

Taska Taska

Taska Xtenda Hair StopsTaska Xtenda Hair Stops Effortlessly penetrates most bait types Curved profile Unique arrow ... [more]£1.85
Taska SinkersTaska Sinkers The Tungsten sinkers are very heavy, easy to use but highly effective at pinning your ... [more]£2.45
Taska Break Down PVA BagsTaska Break Down PVA Bags Highest quality grade Melting time average 10 to 15 sec Extremely ... [more]£2.85
Taska Big Eyed SwivelsTaska Big Eyed SwivelsPerfect swivel for constructing run resistant rigs as well as attaching to marker float ... [more]£2.85
Taska Line Aligners 6-2 Short ShankTaska Line Aligners 6-2 Short Shank The Taska Line Aligner Sleeve will add a new dimension to your fishing. Manufactured ... [more]£4.25
Taska Swivel Chod Beads Taska Swivel Chod Beads Sinking a chod rig has just become simple, no more moulding putty around swivels and ... [more]£4.35
Taska Kwick Change Flying Back Leads  4grmTaska Kwick Change Flying Back Leads 4grmThe first Tungsten Flying Back Lead from Taska has landed. With a size to weight ratio ... [more]£5.25
Taska Flat Hook SharpenerTaska Flat Hook Sharpener The Taska Diamond Flat Hook File has been designed to enable you to sharpen your ... [more]£6.99
Taska Range SticksTaska Range Sticks The Taska Range Sticks have been purposely designed to be used in a variety of ... [more]£12.99
Taska Hanger Line Clip/ Ball Chain Taska Hanger Line Clip/ Ball Chain • Rotating Head for Perfect Alignment • Line Friendly Clip ... [more]£14.95

30 Plus Kodex  30 Plus Kodex

30 Plus Kodex   Blue Feather Lite Bobbins 30 Plus Kodex Blue Feather Lite Bobbins Kodex Feather-Lite Bobbins from 30Plus are purpose-designed for fishing slack or ... [more]£7.99