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Preston Preston

Preston PR36 HooksPreston PR36 Hooks The out-turned eye of the PR36 has been developed to improve hooking performance ... [more]£1.30
Preston PR38 HooksPreston PR38 Hooks Stronger wire to suit all match carping situations Barbless Eyed ... [more]£1.30
Preston Small Feeder BeadsPreston Small Feeder Beads These handy Preston Innovations Feeder Beads are for attaching feeders and bombs on ... [more]£1.49
Preston StotzPreston StotzStotz are a hybrid shot designed for use on larger diameter lines (they also work ... [more]£1.50
Preston Inline Flat Method FeedersPreston Inline Flat Method FeedersCan be used on their own or as part of a system with the Quick Release Method Mould. The ... [more]£1.99
Preston Method Feeder Quick Change BeadsPreston Method Feeder Quick Change Beads The Method Feeder Quick change bead, with the added benefit of being able to quick ... [more]£1.99
Preston Method Feeder Flying Back Leads 1.5gPreston Method Feeder Flying Back Leads 1.5g  When fishing up to islands and far bank features it can often be an ... [more]£1.99
Preston Tyson 4 FloatPreston Tyson 4 Float Tyson floats have bodies coated in a tough varnish and have been constructed using ... [more]£1.99
Preston Method Feeder Ring SwivelsPreston Method Feeder Ring Swivels Ring Swivels ideal for use in conjunction with Preston Innovations in-line flat method ... [more]£2.49
Preston Method Feeder Hair Rigs (Bait Band)Preston Method Feeder Hair Rigs (Bait Band) A range of 4” (10cm) hooklengths, designed specifically for Method ... [more]£2.49
Preston Method Feeder 4' Hair Rigs (Quick stops)Preston Method Feeder 4' Hair Rigs (Quick stops) Designed specifically for Method Feeder fishing PR-C1 circle hook ... [more]£2.49
Preston Quick Release Method MouldPreston Quick Release Method Mould Developed to allow perfect loading of groundbait onto the Preston In-Line Flat Method ... [more]£2.99
Preston Quick Cone Preston Quick Cone The innovative Quick Cone can be used in various ways, making it a must have for any ... [more]£2.99
Preston 4 Compartment Accessory BoxPreston 4 Compartment Accessory Box The 4 Compartment Accessory Box is perfect for all small tackle items like ... [more]£2.99
Preston Dura Pellet WagglersPreston Dura Pellet Wagglers Standard 13MM Waggler The thickest of our straight pellet wagglers they are ... [more]£2.99
Preston Insert Bodied Dura Wag Adjustable LoadingPreston Insert Bodied Dura Wag Adjustable Loading This bodied insert waggler is ideal for fishing at long distances for multitude of ... [more]£3.99
Preston  Power LinePreston Power Line Designed with built-in stretch also makes it an excellent line for pole rigs. ... [more]£4.99
Preston Small Hook Length BoxPreston Small Hook Length BoxThe hook lenght box retaining system has been designed to store and protect pretied hooks ... [more]£4.99
Preston Multi Accessory BoxPreston Multi Accessory BoxPreston Innovations Multi Accessory Box can be used for lots of different accessories. ... [more]£4.99
Preston StottaPreston StottaDeveloped to make the application of Stotz even easier. Designed to work with all sizes, ... [more]£4.99
Preston Stotz 8 9 10 11Preston Stotz 8 9 10 11Stotz are a hybrid shot designed with a large groove making placing them on the line ... [more]£5.49
Preston Power Max ClearPreston Power Max Clear REFLO Power Max Clear Following on from the huge success of the original Power Max ... [more]£5.99
Preston Power Max Preston Power Max Power Max high specification offers all of the properties required from a modern ... [more]£5.99
Preston Pellet Pult Preston Pellet Pult Pelletpults have been designed with commercial fisheries in mind, specifically for ... [more]£7.99

Guru Guru

Guru MWG Barbless hooksGuru MWG Barbless hooks Guru Hooks are strong all-round pattern that’s suitable for most styles of ... [more]£1.20
Guru Inline Method FeederGuru Inline Method Feeder Currently Out of Stock   Guru Inline Method Feeder. ... [more]£1.99
Guru MICRO HAIR STOPSGuru MICRO HAIR STOPS These beautiful little stops have found quite a following already. They’re ... [more]£1.99
Guru Spare Elastic KitGuru Spare Elastic Kit For use with Guru catapult. 2 x 10" elastics with all pegs. Special ... [more]£1.99
Guru BayonetsGuru Bayonets Twisted metal spike Simple to use Provides a secure attachment ... [more]£1.99
Guru Line StopsGuru Line Stops Line Stops   Multi purpose, compact line stop Super Tight ... [more]£1.99
Guru PTFE Coated Super MWG HooksGuru PTFE Coated Super MWG Hooks NEW SUPER MWG HOOKS IN STOCK The MWG (Match Wide Gape) hook pattern has been a ... [more]£1.99
Guru Speed BeadsGuru Speed Beads This ingenious little bead has been designed solely to help you put more fish in ... [more]£2.49
Guru Hybrid Feeder Guru Hybrid Feeder New Advanced Feeder Design Quick to load Weight forward design helps ... [more]£2.49
Guru SUPER FINE BAITING NEEDLEGuru SUPER FINE BAITING NEEDLE Our Super-Fine Baiting needles have been designed to cause the absolute minimum damage ... [more]£2.50
Guru SPEEDMESH NEEDLEGuru SPEEDMESH NEEDLEThe Guru Speedmesh needle is a gate and latch type, which is perfect ... [more]£2.50
Guru QM1 Barbless HooksGuru QM1 Barbless Hooks  The unique Guru QM1, heavily swept shape and short shank have been precisely ... [more]£2.99
Guru Pellet Cones and NeedleGuru Pellet Cones and NeedleThe ultimate way to present a small, compact pile of feed around your hookbait. This ... [more]£2.99
Guru In Line PlummetsGuru In Line Plummets NEW GURU INLINE PLUMMETS REVEALED! Guru are pleased to reveal the latest addition ... [more]£3.75
Guru N GaugeGuru N GaugeThe Guru N Gauge is japanese prenium quality, extra strong mono which is accuratley rated ... [more]£4.99
Guru Drag Line Guru Drag Line Guru Drag line is an extra strong, super abrasion resistant monofilament reel line ... [more]£5.99
Guru SPEED MESH PVA REFILLGuru SPEED MESH PVA REFILL These 5m refills are supplied on compact spools so that they don’t take up ... [more]£5.99
Guru CatapultGuru Catapult Rather than just releasing another standard catty, the Guru team decided to redesign ... [more]£5.99
Guru SPEED MESH PVA SYSTEMGuru SPEED MESH PVA SYSTEM This super-fast melting PVA system is ready to use straight from the packet. The PVA ... [more]£9.99
Guru Incredible PultGuru Incredible Pult Normal 0 false false false ... [more]£9.99
Guru Reaper Front Rod RestGuru Reaper Front Rod Rest Guru Reaper Front Rod Rest   The Guys at Guru have worked ... [more]£11.99

Daiwa Daiwa

Daiwa TDR Reel lineDaiwa TDR Reel line Daiwa TDR Reel Line The higher density of this new Daiwa TDR ... [more]£6.99
Daiwa Super UV cut G LineDaiwa Super UV cut G Line Super High breaking strength Super UV Protection Super Smooth surface ... [more]£7.99
Daiwa Feeder RestDaiwa Feeder Rest Slider locator design. Multiple angles capability. ... [more]£7.99


MAP Quick Change Cage FeederMAP Quick Change Cage Feeder These new in-line cage feeders are a revolution in feeder design for the modern match ... [more]£1.65
MAP SD1 Summer Deck 1MAP SD1 Summer Deck 1 Designed for fishing a variety of baits on the deck Body Varnished with an ultra ... [more]£1.85
MAP SD4 Summer Deck 4MAP SD4 Summer Deck 4 Designed for fishing a variety of baits on the deck Diamond Body shape ... [more]£1.85
MAP SD5 Summer Deck 5MAP SD5 Summer Deck 5 Designed for fishing a variety of baits on the deck Body Varnished with an ... [more]£1.85
MAP IS1 Island 1MAP IS1 Island 1 Designed for fishing across to island and can be fished with a variety of baits. ... [more]£1.85
MAP IS2 island 2MAP IS2 island 2 Designed for fishing across in shallow water in windy conditions can also be ... [more]£1.85
MAP WD4 Winter Deck 4MAP WD4 Winter Deck 4 Designed for fishing a variety of baits  Slim body design ... [more]£1.85
MAP Map Quick Change Pellet FeederMAP Map Quick Change Pellet Feeder These new in-line pellet feeders are a revolution in feeder design for the modern ... [more]£1.99
MAP MF2 Margin Foam Body Pole FloatMAP MF2 Margin Foam Body Pole Float MF2, which is designed for large baits like corn and meat.   ... [more]£1.99
MAP MF1 Deck pole Float 4x16MAP MF1 Deck pole Float 4x16 Slim Bodied design ideal for fishing paste. The long body design also help to keep the ... [more]£1.99
MAP Method Feeder Moulds MAP Method Feeder Moulds The new MAP method moulds are made from a unique material which is ... [more]£2.99
MAP Meatcutter 6mmMAP Meatcutter 6mm Map Meatcutter 6mm MAP has spent the past two years developing this ... [more]£29.99

MIddy MIddy

MIddy Silicone Adaptors MIddy Silicone Adaptors Middy Silicone Adaptors Supplied in packs of 9 ... [more]£0.99
MIddy Inline Splash em method feeder 14grmMIddy Inline Splash em method feeder 14grm Splash em Method Fishing Feeder The popular Splash Em feeders Inline ... [more]£1.50
MIddy Barbles Hair Carp Hooks to NylonMIddy Barbles Hair Carp Hooks to Nylon Middy Barbless Hair Carp Hooks to Nylon Middy were the first company ... [more]£1.99
MIddy Barbless Meat Hook To NylonMIddy Barbless Meat Hook To Nylon Middy Barbless Meat Carp Hook to Nylon Fishing meat on commercials ... [more]£2.25
MIddy Shotgun Feeder InlineMIddy Shotgun Feeder Inline Middy Shotgun Feeder Inline Top commercial match carp anglers have been ... [more]£3.99
MIddy Carp & Waggler Float PackMIddy Carp & Waggler Float Pack Assorted pack of Middy Carp Floats, free disgorger included. ... [more]£4.99
MIddy Catapult BagMIddy Catapult Bag Middy Catapult Bag Large Catapult Bag Ideal for more than one catapult ... [more]£6.99

Mosella Mosella

Mosella ZinkersMosella Zinkers Zinkers - Lead free fishing weights for the responsible angler - Coated zinc alloy ... [more]£1.10
Mosella ZLT ShotMosella ZLT Shot ZLT shot is made in the UK the softest lead free shot available down to no 6. No 8 ... [more]£1.75
Mosella F1 Micro Bait BandsMosella F1 Micro Bait Bands F1 Micro Bait Bands Super tough latex bait bands ideal for banding the ... [more]£2.99
Mosella Easy Loop SlamoMosella Easy Loop SlamoA loop tyer that incorporates a slamo type disgorger! When using loops in your main ... [more]£2.99
Mosella Band A Bait Pro (Bandabait)Mosella Band A Bait Pro (Bandabait) Mosella BandaBait Pro Banding pellets has never been easier with ... [more]£5.99
Mosella Manic Impact Genius Pellet PumpMosella Manic Impact Genius Pellet Pump Manic Impact Genius Pellet Pump Not the cheapest pellet pump available but ... [more]£19.99

Sensas Sensas

Sensas Pole ShotSensas Pole Shot Sensas Green Pole shot Super soft Easy Slide ... [more]£1.20
Sensas Drift Beater Pro Match 133 Waggler 5grmSensas Drift Beater Pro Match 133 Waggler 5grm A unique design perfect for getting your line under the surface to prevent ... [more]£2.75
Sensas Pro Match 122 Waggler 6GRMSensas Pro Match 122 Waggler 6GRM A Inserted Variable Loaded Waggler. size; 6grm 4+2 ... [more]£2.75
Sensas Feeling Competition LineSensas Feeling Competition Line Feeling Competition Line The best Hook length material on the market ... [more]£3.99
Sensas Styl PliersSensas Styl Pliers Styl Pliers    Specially designed for fixing styl weights ... [more]£4.75
Sensas Styls StandardSensas Styls Standard Styls Standard Styl weights have been used for decades by some of the ... [more]£4.95
Sensas Carp / Half StylsSensas Carp / Half Styls Styls Carp/Half Styl weights have been used for decades by some of the ... [more]£4.95
Sensas Easy Loop TyerSensas Easy Loop Tyer Easy Loop Tyer Ties perfect loops every time Two sizes per pack ... [more]£5.80

Leeda Leeda

Leeda Matchman Hook TyerLeeda Matchman Hook Tyer Supplied with full instructions, enables you to tie a perfect spade end knot ... [more]£2.99
Leeda MaximaLeeda Maxima Maxima The No.1 Mono in the UK Super Tough Ultra Reliable Extra ... [more]£3.99
Leeda Cantilever 2 Tray BoxLeeda Cantilever 2 Tray Box Leeda Cantilever 2 Tray Box 2 tray cantilever box.Light weight. 2 trays ... [more]£14.99
Leeda Cantilever 3 Tray BoxLeeda Cantilever 3 Tray Box Leeda Cantilever 3 Tray Box Lightweight polymer 3 tray box with carry ... [more]£16.99

Colmic Colmic

Colmic ErcoleColmic Ercole Colmic Ercole Pole Float In-line, teardrop float with fibreglass stem and ... [more]£1.50
Colmic Ticino Pole FloatColmic Ticino Pole Float Colmic Ticinio Pole Float This slightly elongated teardrop ... [more]£1.60
Colmic Jolly FloatsColmic Jolly Floats Colmic Jolly Pole Floats Designed for competition. Drop-shaped ... [more]£1.80
Colmic Matrix FloatColmic Matrix Float Colmic Matrix Floats Ultra Strong Fibre glass stem Teardrop Shaped ... [more]£1.80
Colmic Energy Pole FloatColmic Energy Pole Float Colmic Energy Pole Float Super-strong float created for fishing in ... [more]£1.80

Cralusso Cralusso

Cralusso Gold SwivelsCralusso Gold Swivels Gold Swivels Gold Extra heavy duty swivels used for many applications ... [more]£1.25
Cralusso Pellet BandsCralusso Pellet Bands Pellet Bands Pure silicone bait bands 18 per pack Small 3-5mm ... [more]£1.75
Cralusso Capri Pole FloatCralusso Capri Pole Float Capri Pole Float This body shape allows for more sensitive presentation ... [more]£2.25
Cralusso Double SwivelCralusso Double Swivel Double Swivel Anti tangle swivels 12 per pack ... [more]£2.50
Cralusso Fixed Float AttachmentCralusso Fixed Float Attachment Cralusso Fixed Float Attachment Easy to use pole float attachment. 4 ... [more]£2.55
Cralusso Assorted float AntennaesCralusso Assorted float Antennaes Assorted float Antennaes A range of floats tips that will interchange with ... [more]£2.99
Cralusso Assorted Float Tips Cralusso Assorted Float Tips Assorted Float Tips A range of floats tips that will interchange with all ... [more]£2.99
Cralusso Dart Antenna SetCralusso Dart Antenna Set Waggler flight set Fits all cralusso wagglers increases accuracy 3 ... [more]£2.99
Cralusso Rocket Light FloatsCralusso Rocket Light Floats Cralusso Rocket Light Floats. This model Rocket Light has an extraordinary ... [more]£3.50
Cralusso Straight Waggler Attachment Cralusso Straight Waggler Attachment Cralusso Straight Waggler Attachment A sure and safe float fixing that ... [more]£3.50
Cralusso Anti Tangle Waggler AttachmentCralusso Anti Tangle Waggler Attachment Cralusso Anti Tangle Waggler Attachment Designed by Cralusso ... [more]£3.99
Cralusso Pellet WagglerCralusso Pellet Waggler Cralusso Pellet Waggler This near indestructible float has been ... [more]£5.99
Cralusso Rocket Pellet WagglerCralusso Rocket Pellet Waggler Cralusso Rocket Pellet Waggler This near indestructible float ... [more]£5.99
Cralusso Velence FloatsCralusso Velence Floats Cralusso Velence Floats The Best innovation in floats we have seen!! ... [more]£6.99

Browning Browning

Browning Pole Float Hollow AntennasBrowning Pole Float Hollow Antennas Pole Float Hollow Float Tips 3 x Red 1 x Yellow 1 x Black ... [more]£1.45
Browning Hybrid Power MonoBrowning Hybrid Power Mono The Browning Hybrid Power Mono is a smooth, strong and with a high knot strength ... [more]£4.25
Browning Browning Method Feeder Rod RestBrowning Browning Method Feeder Rod Rest Browning Method Feeder Rod Rest Multi position Method rest ideal when ... [more]£5.49

Tubertini Tubertini

Tubertini Pro Carp 3Tubertini Pro Carp 3 Tubertini Pro Carp 3 Tubertini the Italian giants have produced a range ... [more]£1.50
Tubertini Styx Pole FloatTubertini Styx Pole FloatPart of Tubertini's classic float range this is pencil shaped, has a fibre ... [more]£1.70
Tubertini Pro Paste FloatTubertini Pro Paste Float Tubertini Pro Paste Pole Floats With the reputation obtained by ... [more]£1.75
Tubertini Pro Carp 4 FloatTubertini Pro Carp 4 Float Tubertini Pro Carp 4 Brand new for 2006, Tubertini the Italian giants ... [more]£1.75
Tubertini Delta FloatTubertini Delta Float One of the all time classics, this really is one of the very best pole floats ever ... [more]£1.85
Tubertini Series 801 hooksTubertini Series 801 hooks Nickel Finish Round Bend Ideal Pellet hook Super Strong 25 hooks per pack ... [more]£2.99
Tubertini Hercules Rig LineTubertini Hercules Rig LineTubertini Hercules UC-12 is produced with light polamides (11") and has very ... [more]£2.99
Tubertini Series 808 hooksTubertini Series 808 hooks Strong barbless bronze hook ideal for carp fishing / match fishing - medium gape, ... [more]£3.25
Tubertini Series 18 hooksTubertini Series 18 hooks Bronzed fine wire 110 carbon Spade end Ideal bream baggin hook 25 ... [more]£3.25
Tubertini Series 175 hooksTubertini Series 175 hooks Bronze Hook Spade End Heavy duty Bagging hook Ideal Commercial Hook ... [more]£3.25
Tubertini Gorilla Float LineTubertini Gorilla Float LineFLOAT fishing reel line has been along standing favourite Europe’s leading ... [more]£4.99

Maver Maver

Maver MT2 (Match and Chop)Maver MT2 (Match and Chop) Maver MT2 Hook (MATCH AND CHOP) This medium gauge wire hook is perfect for ... [more]£0.99
Maver Rubberized Plummets 'Rummets'Maver Rubberized Plummets 'Rummets' Maver Rubberized Plummets Rummets New, high quality rubberized plummets. ... [more]£1.25
Maver Quick Change Feeder Link Maver Quick Change Feeder Link Maver Match This Quick Change Feeder Link Swivel Top quality change swivels. Tough, ... [more]£1.50
Maver Grip StopsMaver Grip StopsMaver Match This Grip Stop Top quality silicone grip stops. Perfect for all ... [more]£1.50
Maver Peg Leg Quick Release Float AdaptorMaver Peg Leg Quick Release Float AdaptorQuick release adaptor perfect for all types of waggler fishing. 3pcs per ... [more]£1.50
Maver Sliding Link Swivel Maver Sliding Link Swivel Top quality sliding link swivels. Tough, strong and very reliable. Perfect for all ... [more]£1.50
Maver America Snap SwivelMaver America Snap SwivelQuality American snap swivels from Maver. Ideal for many applications including float ... [more]£1.50
Maver Rolling Swivel Maver Rolling Swivel Ideal for many applications including float fishing, feeder fishing and ledgering. 10pcs ... [more]£1.50
Maver Black Ice PasteMaver Black Ice Paste BLACK ICE PASTE The long cane bristles on this pattern are ideal for paste ... [more]£1.80
Maver Series 4 Pole Float Maver Series 4 Pole Float Seriously strong in-line dibber with short wire stem. The self-cocking ... [more]£1.99
Maver Invincible Series 6 Pole FloatMaver Invincible Series 6 Pole Float A super slim and highly sensitive body shape that features a strong spring eye, as ... [more]£1.99
Maver Invincible Series 1 Pole FloatsMaver Invincible Series 1 Pole Floats Classic diamond shaped that features a robust spring-eye as well as an in-line body ... [more]£1.99
Maver Invincible Series 3 Pole FloatsMaver Invincible Series 3 Pole Floats A quite superb slim bodied multi-functional commercial float suitable for any bait, ... [more]£1.99
Maver Invincible Series 7 Pole FloatsMaver Invincible Series 7 Pole Floats The slim inverted carrot shaped body makes it possible to dot this talented float ... [more]£1.99
Maver Match This Banded Hair rigsMaver Match This Banded Hair rigs Match This Banded Hair rigs Strong forged in-turn hooks tied with a ... [more]£2.75
Maver Drift BeatersMaver Drift Beaters A fantastic, innovative new style of float from Maver. Specifically designed and ... [more]£3.50
Maver Neoprene Rod BandsMaver Neoprene Rod Bands Maver Neoprene Rod Bands Set of 2 quality neoprene rod bands. ideal for ... [more]£3.99
Maver Genesis MonoMaver Genesis Mono Maver Genesis Smart Line Genesis is the ideal line for pole rigs and is ... [more]£5.99
Maver Pellet Pump Maver Pellet Pump A top quality pellet pump designed to extract the air quickly ... [more]£8.99
Maver Meat CutterMaver Meat Cutter Meat Cutter A new range of top quality meat cutters, each one ... [more]£24.99

Mustad Mustad

Mustad Long Point/UltraPoint Freshwater Carp MaggotMustad Long Point/UltraPoint Freshwater Carp Maggot Long Point/UltraPoint Freshwater Carp Maggot Eyed Barbless Extremely ... [more]£0.99
Mustad AS07B Wide Gape Match Spade BarblessMustad AS07B Wide Gape Match Spade Barbless AS07B Wide Gape Match Spade Barbless Fine wire hook with excellent holding ... [more]£0.99
Mustad AS06B Wide Gape Power Spade BarblessMustad AS06B Wide Gape Power Spade Barbless AS06B Wide Gape Power Spade Barbless An ideal hook for fishing a wide ... [more]£0.99
Mustad AS06 - Wide Gape Power Spade BarbedMustad AS06 - Wide Gape Power Spade Barbed AS06 - Wide Gape Power Spade Barbed An excellent allround hook which has ... [more]£0.99
Mustad AS04B Alan Scotthorne Range Stillwater PowerMustad AS04B Alan Scotthorne Range Stillwater Power AS04B Alan Scotthorne Range Stillwater Power Spade Barbless First choice ... [more]£1.30
Mustad Long Point/UltraPoint Freshwater Carp CornMustad Long Point/UltraPoint Freshwater Carp Corn Long Point/UltraPoint Freshwater Carp Corn Eyed Barbless Ideal for fishing ... [more]£1.49
Mustad Long Point/UltraPoint Freshwater Carp MeatMustad Long Point/UltraPoint Freshwater Carp Meat Long Point/UltraPoint Freshwater Carp Meat Eyed Barbless Strong hook with ... [more]£1.49
Mustad AS-02B - Power Carp Barbless Hooks to NylonMustad AS-02B - Power Carp Barbless Hooks to Nylon AS-02B - Power Carp Barbless Hooks to Nylon Very strong hook ... [more]£1.99
Mustad AS-03B - Penetration Carp Barbless Hook to NylonMustad AS-03B - Penetration Carp Barbless Hook to Nylon AS-03B - Penetration Carp Barbless Hooks to Nylon Strong hook with extra ... [more]£1.99
Mustad AS-07B - Wide Gape Match Barbless Hooks to NylonMustad AS-07B - Wide Gape Match Barbless Hooks to Nylon AS-07B - Wide Gape Match Barbless Hooks to Nylon ... [more]£1.99


RIVE Series 41 FloatRIVE Series 41 Float Series 41 Float Fibre stem and hollow plastic bristle Line through the ... [more]£1.99

Zebco Zebco

Zebco Flat LeadsZebco Flat Leads Flat leads ideal for holding baits on the bottom of rivers.  ... [more]£0.70

Kamasan Kamasan

Kamasan B611 Spade Barbed HookKamasan B611 Spade Barbed Hook Kamasan B611 Barbed Spade Hook The B611 hook is a heavier wire guage version ... [more]£1.10
Kamasan B611 Barbelss Spade End HookKamasan B611 Barbelss Spade End Hook The Kamasan B611 has proved so successful and popular that this barbless version ... [more]£1.10
Kamasan B960 Eyed Stillwater Barbless hook B1G1FKamasan B960 Eyed Stillwater Barbless hook B1G1F The Stillwater Barbless is the perfect hook for mixed fisheries Its fine enough ... [more]£1.10
Kamasan B711 Spade Barbless Hook B1G1FKamasan B711 Spade Barbless Hook B1G1F The B711 is a bronze version of the highly successful B611. Produced only in ... [more]£1.20
Kamasan Animal Eyed Barbless HookKamasan Animal Eyed Barbless Hook The ideal big fish and bagging up hook for Carp, Barbel, Tench, Chub etc Curved ... [more]£1.20
Kamasan Animal Spade End Barbless Hook B1G1FKamasan Animal Spade End Barbless Hook B1G1F The ideal big fish and bagging up hook for Carp, Barbel, Tench, Chub etc Curved ... [more]£1.20
Kamasan B980 Eyed Barbed HookKamasan B980 Eyed Barbed Hook The ideal Eyed Specimem hook for a wide range of baits the B980 is produced from a ... [more]£1.20
Kamasan  B610 Barbless Spade End Hook B1G1FKamasan B610 Barbless Spade End Hook B1G1F The B610 is the perfect extra strong barbless hook with its long point angled back ... [more]£1.20
Kamasan B520 Whisker Barbed Spade End Hook B1G1FKamasan B520 Whisker Barbed Spade End Hook B1G1F Kamasan B520 Whisker Barb ... [more]£1.20
Kamasan B911 Hooks Spade EndKamasan B911 Hooks Spade End KAMASAN B911 HOOKS SPADE The long curving swept point on the spade end ... [more]£1.30
Kamasan B911 Hooks EyedKamasan B911 Hooks Eyed KAMASAN B911 HOOKS EYED This Kamasan hook is the eyed version of the best ... [more]£1.30
Kamasan B981 Eyed Barbless HookKamasan B981 Eyed Barbless Hook This pattern is the barbless version of the extremely popular and reliable B980 ... [more]£1.30
Kamasan B520 Hooks to Nylon B1G1FKamasan B520 Hooks to Nylon B1G1F Kamasan B520 Whisker Barb Hooks to Nylon The B520 is one of ... [more]£2.10
Kamasan Bayer Perlon Fishing LineKamasan Bayer Perlon Fishing Line Bayer Perlon Reel Line Bayer Perlon is a tried and tested fishing line ... [more]£3.99

J Range J Range

J Range Pellet Waggler FloatJ Range Pellet Waggler Float Now there's no need to use shot with these new adaptor weights. ... [more]£3.59

Garbolino Garbolino

Garbolino Poly WagglerGarbolino Poly WagglerAvailable in 3 sizes these floats cast straight and are extremely buoyant meaning that ... [more]£1.99

Nisa Feeders Nisa Feeders

Nisa Feeders Feeder Ring LinksNisa Feeders Feeder Ring Links Feeder Ring Links A tough but flexible Nitrile ring incorporating a ... [more]£1.00
Nisa Feeders Swivel BeadsNisa Feeders Swivel Beads Swivel Beads These incorporate a Beaded end and can be used as a running ... [more]£1.30
Nisa Feeders Sliding TopstopsNisa Feeders Sliding Topstops Tiny silicone Beads that grip the line tightly enough to stop your feeder running up, ... [more]£1.55
Nisa Feeders Hook'em HairsNisa Feeders Hook'em Hairs Nisa Hook Em Hairs An easy way to present a Hair-rigged bait without tying ... [more]£1.99
Nisa Feeders Clip on WeightsNisa Feeders Clip on Weights These are available in a Header Carded Bag of 4 leads in 2 weights. 5g, ... [more]£1.99

Gardner Tackle Gardner Tackle

Gardner Tackle Braided Hair NeedleGardner Tackle Braided Hair Needle Gardner Braided Hair Needle The original braid friendly ballpoint ... [more]£2.25
Gardner Tackle Bait BandsGardner Tackle Bait Bands Bait Bands Very strong expanding bait bands perfect for attaching all ... [more]£3.10

Ringers Baits Ringers Baits

Ringers Baits Ringers Pump Ringers Baits Ringers Pump   These have been tried and tested by anglers and the angling press ... [more]£19.99

Anchor Tackle Anchor Tackle

Anchor Tackle BDS System 'O' Rings Anchor Tackle BDS System 'O' Rings Anchor BDS System O Rings Pack of 10 O shaped ... [more]£1.99
Anchor Tackle BDS Bait delivery System Swivel BombAnchor Tackle BDS Bait delivery System Swivel Bomb BDS Bait delivery System Swivel Bomb A revolutionary design, rubber O ring ... [more]£2.75

Matrix Matrix

Matrix  Barrel Super SwivelMatrix Barrel Super Swivel The 3 Barrel Super Swivel does an excellent job reducing line twist when feeder ... [more]£1.80
Matrix  Series 1 Pole FloatMatrix Series 1 Pole Float The Matrix Series 1 Pole Float is a great all round big bait float. The dumpy diamond ... [more]£1.89
Matrix Series 7 Pole FloatMatrix Series 7 Pole Float The Series 7 is a great all round float when fishing in shallow waters. ... [more]£1.89
Matrix Method Feeder MouldMatrix Method Feeder Mould The Method Feeder mould can be used in conjunction with all Matrix method feeders. ... [more]£1.99
Matrix In line Hooped Method FeederMatrix In line Hooped Method Feeder The new Matrix Evolution Method feeders have been designed to meet the latest needs ... [more]£1.99
Matrix Rubber Quick BeadMatrix Rubber Quick Bead The Rubber shock bead incorporates a quick change facility for easy hooklength ... [more]£1.99

Drennan Drennan

Drennan Grip Mesh Cage FeederDrennan Grip Mesh Cage Feeder These flexible plastic feeders have rows of teeth' inside to retain ... [more]£1.10
Drennan Carp Feeder HooksDrennan Carp Feeder Hooks This pattern is an eyed version of the popular Drennan Barbless Carp Feeder Spade ... [more]£1.25
Drennan Carp MethodDrennan Carp Method A double extra strong pattern using the same proven shape as the Drennan Barbless ... [more]£1.25
Drennan Barbless Carp Feeder HooksDrennan Barbless Carp Feeder Hooks Spade end, super high carbon wire, special bend,long point, bronzed, reversed, ... [more]£1.25
Drennan Wide Gape PelletDrennan Wide Gape Pellet One of the new series of spade end hooks from Drennan, launched in November 2008, ... [more]£1.25
Drennan Margin CarpDrennan Margin CarpDesigned for rivers, canals, and stillwaters where barbless patterns are ... [more]£1.25
Drennan Pole Float SiliconeDrennan Pole Float SiliconeEach packet contains 30cm of internal bore - 0.7mm black - 0.9mm clear - 1.1mm black. ... [more]£1.30
Drennan QuickstopsDrennan QuickstopsQuickstops were originally developed back in the 1980's but have only become ... [more]£1.35
Drennan Quick Stop PusherDrennan Quick Stop Pusher Designed for use with the Drennan Quickstops. Each Quickstop will sit perfectly in ... [more]£1.35
Drennan Carp FeedersDrennan Carp Feeders These Drennan carp feeders are ideal on commercial fisheries where groundbait is ... [more]£1.35
Drennan No2 Pellet Waggler 3.5gDrennan No2 Pellet Waggler 3.5g The unloaded versions, which are normally fished with trapped shot, don’t ... [more]£1.35
Drennan Loaded Peacock Waggler 1.5g+Drennan Loaded Peacock Waggler 1.5g+Tip of Float is a smaller diameter than the main body to create better Sensitivity and ... [more]£1.70
Drennan Loaded Peacock Straight Waggler 1.75g+Drennan Loaded Peacock Straight Waggler 1.75g+ Grey in Colour 1.75g+ Loaded Orange Tip Eye at Bottom of float ... [more]£1.70
Drennan Drift Beater 3.5g Drennan Drift Beater 3.5g Driftbeaters are designed for anchoring baits on the bottom in still waters. Lift ... [more]£1.70
Drennan Quick Change BeadsDrennan Quick Change Beads This is a fantastic piece of kit, it helps save time in your matches as you can just ... [more]£1.95
Drennan Method FeederDrennan Method Feeder Drennan In Line Flat Method Feeder Small . Both the lead in the flat base and the ... [more]£1.99
Drennan Pellet FeedersDrennan Pellet Feeders This shovel shaped design includes a unique, tapered heavyweight base with the lead ... [more]£1.99
Drennan Alan Scotthorne Pole FloatsDrennan Alan Scotthorne Pole Floats The new AS1 and AS2 pole floats from Drennan have been designed and developed with 5 ... [more]£1.99
Drennan Improved Swivel Stop BeadsDrennan Improved Swivel Stop Beads Swivels push into the soft bead to create a shock absorber stop bead. Multitude of rig ... [more]£2.10
Drennan QuickStop Hair RigsDrennan QuickStop Hair Rigs Carp Match Quickstops Rigs are perfect for fishing pellets, meat, sweetcorn and ... [more]£2.25
Drennan QuickStop Hair Rigs Sweet CornDrennan QuickStop Hair Rigs Sweet Corn Sweetcorn Quickstop Rigs are ideal for sweetcorn and many other ... [more]£2.25
Drennan QuickStop Hair Rigs FeederDrennan QuickStop Hair Rigs Feeder Carp Feeder Quickstop Rigs are ideal for hard and soft pellets and many other ... [more]£2.25
Drennan Power BanditsDrennan Power Bandits These new Hooks to Nylon from Drennan are set to become a favourite with all anglers ... [more]£2.25
Drennan Margin Carp hook to NylonDrennan Margin Carp hook to NylonThe perfect hook for all down the edge fishing and also any situation where a strong hook ... [more]£2.25
Drennan Silverfish Bandits Drennan Silverfish Bandits hese new Hooks to Nylon from Drennan are set to become a favourite with all anglers who ... [more]£2.25
Drennan Quick Stop DrillDrennan Quick Stop Drill This 1.5mm diameter stainless steel drill can be used in conjunction with the Drennan ... [more]£2.35
Drennan Shorty Pellet WagglersDrennan Shorty Pellet Wagglers  Drennan Shorty Pellet Wagglers are per­fect for catching carp ... [more]£3.50
Drennan Method Feeder With MouldDrennan Method Feeder With Mould The new flat bed method feeder, from Drennan, is designed so that the lead in the ... [more]£3.95
Drennan Feeder and Method Mono 100MDrennan Feeder and Method Mono 100M This new line from Drennan has been specially coated to give it a slick surface ... [more]£3.95
Drennan Supplex Reel LineDrennan Supplex Reel Line This new line from Drennan is supple but very strong for its diameter. Available in ... [more]£4.95
Drennan REVOLUTION TANGLE FREE CATAPULTDrennan REVOLUTION TANGLE FREE CATAPULT These new catapults from Drennan are unbelivable, they have a new design pouch and ... [more]£7.65

Matchman Matchman

Matchman Hook TyerMatchman Hook Tyer Matchman Hook Tyer The original and still the best!! Ties Spade end ... [more]£2.99


KORUM Bait ArrowsKORUM Bait Arrows Designed for use with cat food, paste and soft boilies, the double barbed Korum Bait ... [more]£1.15
KORUM Quick StopsKORUM Quick Stops The innovative Korum Quickstops are a major breakthrough in bait stop ... [more]£1.30
KORUM FeedabeadKORUM Feedabead The free-running, low friction Korum Feedabead keeps resistance down to a minimum ... [more]£1.49
KORUM Quick Stop NeedleKORUM Quick Stop Needle The Korum Quickstop Needle is designed to be used with Quickstops. You insert the ... [more]£1.49
KORUM Hook Hairs Barbless Quick StopsKORUM Hook Hairs Barbless Quick StopsKorum Barbless Hook Hairs with Quickstops. This super fast baitstop system comprises a ... [more]£2.49
KORUM PVA Rapid Melt Refill KORUM PVA Rapid Melt Refill Korum PVA Rapid Melt Refill -5 metres (Code KPVAR/R). Low residue, rapid fast melt, ... [more]£5.99
KORUM PVA Rapid Melt StandardKORUM PVA Rapid Melt Standard This new quick dissolving addition to the Korum range provides a perfect solution to ... [more]£8.99
KORUM PVA SystemKORUM PVA System The Korum PVA System contains all you need for fast, easy construction of mesh PVA ... [more]£8.99


E.S.P Hi Performance Uni-link SwivelsE.S.P Hi Performance Uni-link Swivels  Hi-Performance Uni Link Swivels are made in Japan to exacting ... [more]£3.45
E.S.P BIG T RAPTOR E.S.P BIG T RAPTOR Teflon coated hooks. Pack of 10. Developed by ESP and Terry Hearn as an ultra ... [more]£3.85
E.S.P UNIVERSAL REFILLE.S.P UNIVERSAL REFILL 20 & 25mm Universal Refill Ultra Fine Thread Strong ... [more]£3.95
E.S.P PVA MESH REFILL 32MME.S.P PVA MESH REFILL 32MM 32mm PVA Mesh Refill – Nominal 6m length. Ultra fine thread ... [more]£3.95
E.S.P Bait Drill & NeedleE.S.P Bait Drill & Needle Convenient tackle box size with hi-visibility handles. Easy to use with ... [more]£4.75
E.S.P P.V.A STRINGE.S.P P.V.A STRING 6 ply P.V.A String This special ESP blend of PVA string has an extra ... [more]£5.35
E.S.P PVA MESH KIT 20MM & 25MME.S.P PVA MESH KIT 20MM & 25MM 20 & 25mm PVA ... [more]£7.45

Frenzee Frenzee

Frenzee  FD100 Pole Float 0.25gFrenzee FD100 Pole Float 0.25gThese ‘dome topped’ dibber floats are superb for all baits. They are ... [more]£1.85
Frenzee  FD200 Pole Float 0.2GFrenzee FD200 Pole Float 0.2GPerfect for fishing ultra shallow, this inline shouldered dibber has been made with the ... [more]£1.85
Frenzee  FP 500 Pole Float 0.3GFrenzee FP 500 Pole Float 0.3GThese self-cocking, slim bodied fishing floats are good for all-round fishing proving ... [more]£1.85
Frenzee  Net RestFrenzee Net Rest Feeder arms quite often get in the way and more and more people are using keepnets ... [more]£9.99

Taska Taska

Taska Heavy Duty Lip Close NeedleTaska Heavy Duty Lip Close Needle This high quality Heavy Duty Stainless Needle can also be used for tying up loops for ... [more]£2.45
Taska Braid & Hard Baiting NeedleTaska Braid & Hard Baiting Needle     ... [more]£2.45

Garbolino Garbolino

Garbolino DC Loaded Multi Insert WagglersGarbolino DC Loaded Multi Insert Wagglers Ideal for calm conditions or when fishing off the bottom for roach and skimmers. ... [more]£4.99