Pole Floats

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Preston Preston

Preston Tyson 4 FloatPreston Tyson 4 Float Tyson floats have bodies coated in a tough varnish and have been constructed using ... [more]£1.99


MAP SD1 Summer Deck 1MAP SD1 Summer Deck 1 Designed for fishing a variety of baits on the deck Body Varnished with an ultra ... [more]£1.85
MAP SD4 Summer Deck 4MAP SD4 Summer Deck 4 Designed for fishing a variety of baits on the deck Diamond Body shape ... [more]£1.85
MAP SD5 Summer Deck 5MAP SD5 Summer Deck 5 Designed for fishing a variety of baits on the deck Body Varnished with an ... [more]£1.85
MAP IS1 Island 1MAP IS1 Island 1 Designed for fishing across to island and can be fished with a variety of baits. ... [more]£1.85
MAP IS2 island 2MAP IS2 island 2 Designed for fishing across in shallow water in windy conditions can also be ... [more]£1.85
MAP WD4 Winter Deck 4MAP WD4 Winter Deck 4 Designed for fishing a variety of baits  Slim body design ... [more]£1.85
MAP MF2 Margin Foam Body Pole FloatMAP MF2 Margin Foam Body Pole Float MF2, which is designed for large baits like corn and meat.   ... [more]£1.99
MAP MF1 Deck pole Float 4x16MAP MF1 Deck pole Float 4x16 Slim Bodied design ideal for fishing paste. The long body design also help to keep the ... [more]£1.99

Colmic Colmic

Colmic ErcoleColmic Ercole Colmic Ercole Pole Float In-line, teardrop float with fibreglass stem and ... [more]£1.50
Colmic Ticino Pole FloatColmic Ticino Pole Float Colmic Ticinio Pole Float This slightly elongated teardrop ... [more]£1.60
Colmic Jolly FloatsColmic Jolly Floats Colmic Jolly Pole Floats Designed for competition. Drop-shaped ... [more]£1.80
Colmic Matrix FloatColmic Matrix Float Colmic Matrix Floats Ultra Strong Fibre glass stem Teardrop Shaped ... [more]£1.80
Colmic Energy Pole FloatColmic Energy Pole Float Colmic Energy Pole Float Super-strong float created for fishing in ... [more]£1.80

Cralusso Cralusso

Cralusso Capri Pole FloatCralusso Capri Pole Float Capri Pole Float This body shape allows for more sensitive presentation ... [more]£2.25

Tubertini Tubertini

Tubertini Pro Carp 3Tubertini Pro Carp 3 Tubertini Pro Carp 3 Tubertini the Italian giants have produced a range ... [more]£1.50
Tubertini Styx Pole FloatTubertini Styx Pole FloatPart of Tubertini's classic float range this is pencil shaped, has a fibre ... [more]£1.70
Tubertini Pro Paste FloatTubertini Pro Paste Float Tubertini Pro Paste Pole Floats With the reputation obtained by ... [more]£1.75
Tubertini Pro Carp 4 FloatTubertini Pro Carp 4 Float Tubertini Pro Carp 4 Brand new for 2006, Tubertini the Italian giants ... [more]£1.75
Tubertini Delta FloatTubertini Delta Float One of the all time classics, this really is one of the very best pole floats ever ... [more]£1.85

Maver Maver

Maver Black Ice PasteMaver Black Ice Paste BLACK ICE PASTE The long cane bristles on this pattern are ideal for paste ... [more]£1.80
Maver Series 4 Pole Float Maver Series 4 Pole Float Seriously strong in-line dibber with short wire stem. The self-cocking ... [more]£1.99
Maver Invincible Series 6 Pole FloatMaver Invincible Series 6 Pole Float A super slim and highly sensitive body shape that features a strong spring eye, as ... [more]£1.99
Maver Invincible Series 1 Pole FloatsMaver Invincible Series 1 Pole Floats Classic diamond shaped that features a robust spring-eye as well as an in-line body ... [more]£1.99
Maver Invincible Series 3 Pole FloatsMaver Invincible Series 3 Pole Floats A quite superb slim bodied multi-functional commercial float suitable for any bait, ... [more]£1.99
Maver Invincible Series 7 Pole FloatsMaver Invincible Series 7 Pole Floats The slim inverted carrot shaped body makes it possible to dot this talented float ... [more]£1.99
Maver Drift BeatersMaver Drift Beaters A fantastic, innovative new style of float from Maver. Specifically designed and ... [more]£3.50


RIVE Series 41 FloatRIVE Series 41 Float Series 41 Float Fibre stem and hollow plastic bristle Line through the ... [more]£1.99

Matrix Matrix

Matrix  Series 1 Pole FloatMatrix Series 1 Pole Float The Matrix Series 1 Pole Float is a great all round big bait float. The dumpy diamond ... [more]£1.89
Matrix Series 7 Pole FloatMatrix Series 7 Pole Float The Series 7 is a great all round float when fishing in shallow waters. ... [more]£1.89

Drennan Drennan

Drennan Alan Scotthorne Pole FloatsDrennan Alan Scotthorne Pole Floats The new AS1 and AS2 pole floats from Drennan have been designed and developed with 5 ... [more]£1.99

Frenzee Frenzee

Frenzee  FD100 Pole Float 0.25gFrenzee FD100 Pole Float 0.25gThese ‘dome topped’ dibber floats are superb for all baits. They are ... [more]£1.85
Frenzee  FD200 Pole Float 0.2GFrenzee FD200 Pole Float 0.2GPerfect for fishing ultra shallow, this inline shouldered dibber has been made with the ... [more]£1.85
Frenzee  FP 500 Pole Float 0.3GFrenzee FP 500 Pole Float 0.3GThese self-cocking, slim bodied fishing floats are good for all-round fishing proving ... [more]£1.85