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Preston Preston

Preston Slip Elastic Preston Slip Elastic Slip elastic was the first colour coded elastic available and is still incrdibly ... [more]£2.49
Preston PullabungPreston Pullabung Manufactured from lightweight plastic the Pulla Bung enables the angler to pull the ... [more]£2.99
Preston Tyson Ready Rig 4Preston Tyson Ready Rig 4 Tyson floats have bodies coated in a tough varnish and have been constructed ... [more]£2.99
Preston 22cm Blue Double Side WinderPreston 22cm Blue Double Side WinderThe Sliding Anchor can be moved along the full length of the winder. These is a small ... [more]£3.99
Preston New Soft Cad PotsPreston New Soft Cad Pots Made from soft rubberised material to grip most popular sized top kits (5mm-7mm) ... [more]£3.99
Preston Uni Cad Pots MediumPreston Uni Cad Pots Medium These quick-change caps allow for different baits and distribution ... [more]£4.99
Preston Deep Water Pulla BungPreston Deep Water Pulla BungA new innovative Pulla Bung specifically for deeper venues where a top 4 kit or more is ... [more]£5.99
Preston Hollow Elastic Preston Hollow Elastic Because hollow elastic behaves and stretches differently to solid elastic, Hollo ... [more]£9.99
Preston Pole Winders In Box Double WindersPreston Pole Winders In Box Double WindersThe Inbox winder boxes fit it the shallow side draws of the Onbox range enabling ... [more]£9.99
Preston Pro Flat RollerPreston Pro Flat Roller Whilst we have enjoyed enormous success with tripod rollers in recent years we ... [more]£59.99

Daiwa Daiwa

Daiwa Slide Winder Daiwa Slide Winder Daiwa slide pole rig winders have been designed so there is no need for an anchor ... [more]£2.25
Daiwa Team Daiwa Double Roller Daiwa Team Daiwa Double Roller Team Daiwa Double Pole Roller Unique to Daiwa (UK patent) these double ... [more]£34.99


MAP Double Fluoro LatexMAP Double Fluoro Latex 100% pure latex Developed to make elastication easy Strands can be separated ... [more]£3.99
MAP PTFE Side Puller BushesMAP PTFE Side Puller Bushes Curvedshape for ultra smooth running when tensioning elastic Pure PTFE bush to ... [more]£3.99
MAP Twin Core Hollow ElasticMAP Twin Core Hollow Elastic Twin Core Hollow System Retracts faster than standard solid elastics ... [more]£9.99

MIddy MIddy

MIddy HI-Viz ElasticMIddy HI-Viz Elastic HI-Viz Elastic The no1 original elastic that is fluo colour impregnated. ... [more]£2.99
MIddy Pull it BungMIddy Pull it Bung Middy pull it bungs The pull it bung allows you to adjust the tension ... [more]£3.99
MIddy Flat Base Click CupMIddy Flat Base Click Cup Middy Flat Base Click Cup Unique multi angle flat base Click on/off ... [more]£3.99

Mosella Mosella

Mosella Xedion Pole GeniMosella Xedion Pole Geni Most of us simply ‘fold up’ Top 2 pole kits and leave them in a ... [more]£1.99
Mosella Rolling RockerMosella Rolling RockerMosella Double Pole Rolling Rolling Rocker Supplied in carry ... [more]£29.99

Sensas Sensas

Sensas Feeling Competition OlivettesSensas Feeling Competition Olivettes Feeling Competition Olivettes Non Toxic Olivettes Side Marked for easy ... [more]£2.75
Sensas Pole Float Bristle PaintSensas Pole Float Bristle PaintPole Float Bristle Paint The best float paint on the market! Fast-drying ... [more]£4.35

Colmic Colmic

Colmic Pure PTFE Internal BushColmic Pure PTFE Internal Bush Colmic Pure PTFE Internal Bush Big diameter internal bush Pure PTFE ... [more]£9.99

Browning Browning

Browning Pole Float Hollow AntennasBrowning Pole Float Hollow Antennas Pole Float Hollow Float Tips 3 x Red 1 x Yellow 1 x Black ... [more]£1.45
Browning Olivettes InlineBrowning Olivettes Inline Match In line olivettes Based on an idea by Bob Nudd: Black Brass ... [more]£2.75

Maver Maver

Maver Match This Internal pole BushesMaver Match This Internal pole Bushes MATCH THIS INTERNAL POLE BUSHES Due to the launch of Dual Core elastic, ... [more]£1.50
Maver Clean Cap SystemMaver Clean Cap System CLEAN CAP SYSTEM The Maver Clean Cap System protects the end of the pole ... [more]£2.50
Maver Tulip RestMaver Tulip Rest Tulip Rest Designed to stop pole sections sliding down the bank after ... [more]£2.99
Maver Pure Latex ElasticMaver Pure Latex Elastic MAVER PURE LATEX ELASTIC A pure latex elastic which stretches further than ... [more]£3.25
Maver Coloured Pure LatexMaver Coloured Pure Latex COLOURED PURE LATEX A pure latex elastic with an almost unbelievable ... [more]£3.25
Maver Plastic Pole Float SleevesMaver Plastic Pole Float Sleeves PLASTIC POLE FLOAT SLEEVES Micro float sleeves for carbon, cane and wire ... [more]£3.50
Maver Pole BungsMaver Pole Bungs Maver Jurassic Pole Bung 2 Bungs in a pack A firm favourite with pole ... [more]£3.99
Maver Pole CupsMaver Pole Cups Maver Pole Cups Set x3 Manufactured from strong yet lightweight plastic ... [more]£4.99
Maver Joint Build UpMaver Joint Build Up Joint build up Build up joint spray for pole joint give additional protection ... [more]£6.99
Maver Dual Retro Core ElasticMaver Dual Retro Core Elastic Maver Match This Dual Retro Core Elastic Manufactured using a twin core ... [more]£9.99
Awaiting image of Maver MXI Rig Roost ArmMaver MXI Rig Roost Arm Roost arm.   More information when in stock. ... [more]£19.99
Maver Competition XL Flat Bed RollerMaver Competition XL Flat Bed Roller Another superb new roller for 2011 from Maver. Benefits from four extendable ... [more]£69.99

Future image uk Ltd Future image uk Ltd

Future image uk Ltd Future Solid Core Pole ElasticFuture image uk Ltd Future Solid Core Pole Elastic Future Solid Core Pole Elastic FUTURE Solid Core pole elastic is a new ... [more]£2.30

Nisa Feeders Nisa Feeders

Nisa Feeders Dacron ConnectorsNisa Feeders Dacron Connectors Dacron Connectors Available in Large A simple and neat way to ... [more]£1.99
Nisa Feeders Connectadjusts ConnectorsNisa Feeders Connectadjusts ConnectorsSMALL - 2~12 Elastics LARGE - 14~Hollow Elastics No more chopping or adding bits of ... [more]£4.20

Matrix Matrix

Matrix Pole SockMatrix Pole Sock Standard screw thread For all poles Branded material Easy ... [more]£6.99
Matrix 2 Pole Winder Trays and WindersMatrix 2 Pole Winder Trays and Winders • Adjustable rig anchor tensioner • Soft rubber inlays at each ... [more]£15.99
Matrix Super Flat Pole RollerMatrix Super Flat Pole Roller Available in Standard and Large sizes Cam locking on tension bars of ... [more]£69.99

Drennan Drennan

Drennan PullbungDrennan Pullbung The purpose of the Pullbung is to allow the pole angler to effectively set ... [more]£3.25

Frenzee Frenzee

Frenzee  Paste PotsFrenzee Paste Pots After the gargantuan success of the Soft Pot Frenzee have now ticked yet another box ... [more]£3.99
Frenzee  Pole PotsFrenzee Pole Pots The newest, safest pole pots available! The new Frenzee Soft Pots come in 3 ... [more]£4.49
Frenzee  Frenzee Eeze Glyde Frenzee Frenzee Eeze Glyde The all New EEZE GLYDE from Frenzee has been Precision manufactured form 100% Pure ... [more]£7.99